October 25, 2017 Nicole


“Alexa, open Delaware Library.”

This is something you could find yourself saying if you have an Amazon Echo in your home. A special Alexa Skill in the skill store will keep you up to date with what’s happening at your local DCDL branch.

This first of its kind skill gives patrons another incredibly easy way to stay up to date with the fantastic and entertaining programs provided for all ages at the Delaware County District Library.

Avneet Sarang from Pellucent Technologies in Powell developed the Alexa Skill in spring 2017. Sarang is a DCDL patron who uses the Echo regularly for news and community updates. 

Echo users can search for “Delaware County District Library” on the Alexa Skills tab of their app, or enable it online. Once the skill is enabled on the Echo device, users can invoke the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Delaware Library,” and then ask any of the following types of questions:

·         What’s happening this weekend at the Ostrander Library?
·         Are there any events tomorrow at the Delaware Library?
·         Is there anything happening at the Orange Library on August Tenth?
·         What’s going on today at the Powell Library?

Alexa then answers the questions with specific information regarding program titles and times at the branch requested. Everything from children’s storytimes to adult book clubs and more will be at users’ request.

Watch the instructional video below, or click the icon for a run through of how it works.

Amazon Echo Icon

Amazon Echo Skill for DCDL