Just because the weather is cooler and snow will soon be falling doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors. It is important for children to explore the outdoors no matter what the season. So bundle up, get outside, and try some of the following activities with your kids today! 

Enjoy a Nature Walk
Winter hiking can be fun and interesting. Wear warm clothing, proper footwear, and always check the weather forecast before going out, especially on longer hikes or walks. On your nature walk, look for animal tracks in the snow or mud, identify different types of trees and plants that are still flourishing and keep a close eye out for small animals such as squirrels. Bring cameras to take pictures of the beautiful winter landscapes or to record the wildlife. 

Search for Treasure
Go out and create a trail of cereal or bread crumbs in the backyard, leaving a small prize hidden at the end of the trail. Then send your young explorer out to find the hidden treasure.

Paint the Snow
Fill spray bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each--now you’ve got kid-safe (and temporary) “spray paints.” Your child can play tic-tac-toe on a snowbank, practice writing letters and drawing shapes, or trace his footprints. 

The winter is a great time to observe birds. Find a window with a good view, scatter birdseed on the ground or put suet in a feeder to encourage birds to come closer. Set up a chair and binoculars to observe birds at a distance. Check out a bird identification book from the library, and have her make a bird journal listing the different kinds of birds she sees, their characteristics and any other interesting information.  

Preservation Parks
Delaware County has so many beautiful parks to visit!  Check out the Preservation Parks web site to check out what outdoor winter activities they offer for families.

Visit the Library
Head to the library and warm up with a good book or drop in to one of our many story times and family programs offered all winter long!

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