September 23, 2013 Nicole

Designers and creative types can find inspiration just about anywhere. Our friends over at the interior decorating web site Houzz have offered up on their blog Eight Profound Design Books - From the Children's Section. We've got them (and our personal favorite added at the end) listed here for you to check out from DCDL! 

  1. For originality and creating a movement: The Big Orange Splot
    The Big Orange Splot 
  2. For imagination and thinking outside the "box:" Not a Box
    Not A Box 
  3. For going against the norm: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
    The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse 
  4. For the "music makers" and "the dreamers of dreams:" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
  5. For words to warm the heart: Frederick
  6. For embracing a blank canvas: Harold and the Purple Crayon
    Harold and the Purple Crayon 
  7. For following dreams: Roberto the Insect Architect
    Roberto the Insect Architect 
  8. For the carefree spirit: Ish

           And My Personal Favorite 
  9. For celebrating mistakes: Beautiful Oops!
    Beautiful Oops! 

Design Inspiration from Children's Lit