Bubbles are not only an inexpensive way of keeping little ones busy; they can also have a lot of great benefits! Here are four reasons to get out the bubbles today!

1. Watching bubbles float in the air helps strengthen the eye muscles and helps develop eye tracking skills. It also works on attention skills!
2. When little ones try to catch or pop bubbles, it helps build their hand-eye coordination.
3. The act of blowing bubbles helps build muscles that aid in language development.
4. Bubbles can also be very relaxing for everyone! It is a great way to make the changing table less stressful and a calming activity to do before bedtime stories. If little ones are able to blow bubbles themselves, that is also very calming because it encourages children to practice deep breathing.

 Here are some other fun ways to enjoy bubbles!

• Teach little ones how to blow bubbles – remember it helps with language development!
• What happens if bubbles are blown in front of a fan?
• Teach little ones how to create bubbles by waving the bubble wand in the air!
• Try to count all the bubbles before they pop!
• Try to catch bubbles with a finger or the bubble wand. Can you catch one on your nose?
• Try to pop all the bubbles before they land.
• Watch a cat or dog play with bubbles.

It's A Beautiful Day for Blowing Bubbles!