September is the 25th anniversary of Library Card Sign-up Month! Here are only a FEW of the reasons why you should have a library card.

A Library Card Saves Money!

A library resource calculator provided by, show that just modest use of the library resources (10 hours of computer use, reference assistance and database searches) can save a family more than $380!*

The savings don’t end there! With your DCDL library card you can access all of the Consumer Reports web site to find the best buy on almost anything!

A Library Card Supports Academic Achievement!

Libraries, including DCDL, offer free access to important education resources and online databases. A reference librarian can also help you find the resources you need to finish a homework assignment or report!

A Library Card is Your Ticket to Entertainment!

DCDL has magazines, best-seller books and movies! All for free!

That is only the beginning!

Come into any of the four DCDL locations and hear about all the other fabulous things a library card can provide and the great programs offered. If you are an Ohio resident, all you need to sign up for a DCDL card is a photo ID and proof of your current address. Fill out a simple form, and you are ready to go!


* From an article by Jennifer Petersen published in American Libraries Magazine

Library Card Sign-Up Month