May 20, 2013 Nicole

This Wednesday, May 22 at the Orange Branch Library, we will hear Columbus author Lu Ann Topovski-Mason speak about her new book Rising Above: Dealing with Our Past - Making Way for Our Future

Topovski-Mason says on her web site, "HOPE! People are in need of hope. Inspiration is desperately needed by the entire human race. The value of this book is undeterminable. This book will bring someone closer to God whether they are trying to get closer or not. This book has hundreds of ways to reconnect with our God, our Heavenly Father, the one in whom we have loved, and have forgotten."

Topovski-Mason was raised in Wooster, Ohio. She began her work experience in her 20s as an Office Manager and Assistant to the Executive Director of Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Board in Columbus, but later followed her heart and began her Biblical and Pastoral counseling work. 

We hope you are able to join us on Wednesday!

Rising Above