May 5, 2013 Luke

This summer, DCDL will be offering two barbeque programs for adults and families to get your creative juices flowing. First, we’ll kick off the summer at the Orange branch with “BBQ Bonanza.” Join us as we celebrate traditional American BBQ! We’ll be smoking a pork shoulder and grilling up some Mexican-style corn on the cob for our vegetarian friends. You’ll get to sample a selection of BBQ fixins, create your own custom BBQ rub, and learn what you need to get started on your own BBQ adventures.

The second barbeque program will take place at the Powell branch. “BBQ Basics,” will get you started “quein” right out of the gate. You’ll learn what flavor profiles go with what types of meats, what sauces, rubs, and wood to use, and what types of grills or smokers will best suit your needs. Like the program at Orange, attendees will take home recipes and samples of the rubs they create.

Get ready to dig into reading and into some great BBQ this summer!


Saturday, June 22

BBQ Bonanza  at Orange

Adult/Family Program @ 2 PM


Monday, July 8

Barbecue Basics  at Powell

Adult Program @ 6 PM


Summer BBQ