June 20, 2017 Miss. Harla

The 4th Annual Ostrander Branch’s Medieval Faire was even bigger and better than ever this year! The Knights of the Rose Jousting Troupe presented two outstanding performances sharing with one and all a variety of jousting games. The horses were gorgeous and the riders were skilled providing for a great series of contests that were both informative and entertaining. 

Children made magic wands, elven headpieces, and drew their own imaginary world maps. Demonstrations were given on stone masonry, blacksmithing, soap and jewelry making, pottery and wool spinning. Music was provided by several local musicians including flautist Peter Ash from Delaware and fiddler Terry Hartman from Marysville.

All in all it was a beautiful and fun-filled day at the Faire! 


T'was a Grand Olde Time at the Medieval Faire