Is your child tired of boring math worksheets?

Are you trying to convince your child that math is fun?

Are you confused about how to teach your kids math?

Math does NOT have to be hard!

Parents, caregivers and adults of all kinds who work with kids can now learn at the Orange Branch Library on March 6 at 6:30 how to make math EASY & FUN!

This free seminar, done by MathPlus Academy, will teach you techniques to help your elementary or middle school student to see the beauty in numbers and gain a love of math that will last a lifetime. Speaker Raj Shah, Ph.D., is the founder of the MathPlus Academy and a lifelong math enthusiast who amazes kids and adults with the magic of math! This seminar is for parents, but kids in 3rd grade or higher may attend.

Registration is required. To sign up you can call 740-549-2665, visit the Orange Branch Library, or email me at kcochran [at] delawarelibrary [dot] org!

Your Kids Can Love Math (Even If You Don’t)