How to Save Your Reading History

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Patrons often ask Delaware County District Library staff if we have a list of the books they have read. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, the Library’s computer system does not keep a permanent record of the items you check out. But, the computer system offers YOU a way of keeping track of the Library items you’ve read, listened too, or watched, and it’s easy to set it up in your account.

Got Magazines?

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Are you a magazine reader? Recent research by Statisca notes the average cost of a yearly magazine subscription is about $29.85. If you subscribe to three magazines, you can save $89.55 per year by checking them out from the Delaware County District Library!

Libraries Are As Relevant As Ever

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In a recent blog post, a librarian from NYC’s public library was asked about the relevance of libraries. I have often been asked the same question: “Are libraries threatened by the internet?” I would echo the comments made on the blog.

I don’t think the Delaware County District Library is threatened at all by the internet. Circulation of physical books continues to be high, but I would argue that while books are certainly our brand, the Delaware Library is also in the information sharing business.