For the Last Time, Glad You Asked

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Well, folks, here it is: My last column for the Delaware Gazette. I began writing “Glad You Asked” in 1988, and with the exception of one week, I have had a column published weekly for the last 27 years. In that time, the Delaware County District Library, the Gazette and our community have undergone some huge changes, and it’s been a remarkable privilege to watch, experience and participate in the evolution. After 31 years at the Library, I am handing the leadership role to incoming director George Needham, and I look forward to enjoying the next chapter in my life.

Muchas Gracias to El Corazon de Mexico

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Ostrander Branch Library kicked off Hispanic Heritage month with El Corazon de Mexico, a ballet folklorico dance troupe.  Elaina Hernandez the director, with members of the troupe performed traditional dances from many of the states of Mexico.  She also taught the history of each dance and even taught us a few steps. 

Muchas gracias to El Corazon de Mexico, we had a wonderful time.

Family Board Games

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It’s Sunday afternoon, your family is visiting for the day, and it’s raining. There’s nothing on television, and the kids are starting to get antsy. What to do? How about a board game? Did you know you can check out board games at the Delaware County District Library to match wits with your friends and family?

Board games inspire creativity, creative thinking and interaction. The Library has nearly 40 modern board games you can check out, and we’ve created a Wiki to help you decide which game you want.

Check It Out Fall 2015

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The Delaware County District Library’s latest edition of our quarterly newsletter/calendar, “Check it out!” has hit the streets! Featured on this issues cover are Ostrander Branch Associate Laurie Post and Gabriel, her 31-year-old thoroughbred horse who has been with her for the last 22 years. Laurie, the proud great granddaughter of the former Presidente Municipal de Hermosillo, Mexico, is helping the Library promote Hispanic heritage in Delaware County.

If You Need It

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We are happy to help you find information on any topic, but if you don’t feel comfortable asking a librarian, try one of these books. If you’d like to research online, feel free to check out a laptop to use one of the listed online resources listed below in a study carrel or other nook of the library.



This Book Is Gay by James Dawson

Join Me September 30!

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As many of you know, I will be retiring from the Delaware County District Library on September 30, 2015 after 31 years of service to the Delaware community. It’s be a joyous and fulfilling ride and leaving the Library that has been such a HUGE part of my life for almost half of it will be a challenging transition for me.

Plenty to Celebrate at the Library

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When you look at the calendar, you will see that the poor month of August is bereft of any national holidays. But, does that mean there is nothing to celebrate?  Certainly not!

One of the best reference books at the Delaware County District Library is Chase’s Calendar of Events: A Day-by-Day Directory to Special Days, Weeks, and Months, and it lists dozens of reasons to party and have fun in August.