Delaware County Genealogical Society A Great Resource

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Have you always wondered who your ancestors are? Are you fascinated by TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are?, where celebrities trace their roots? If you would like help to investigate your own family history, look no further than the Delaware County Genealogical Society, located in the Delaware County District Library’s Main Library.

Ohio Wesleyan Professor Speaks at Ostrander

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Local history buffs gathered at the Ostrander Branch Library on Tuesday, November 11 to hear Dr. Mark P. Gingerich, history professor at Ohio Wesleyan University, speak about the pivotal events leading up to World War One. It was quite a challenge to share in one hour about such a broad topic, but Dr. Gingerich was able to give those who attended an intriguing snapshot view of the war including some fascinating facts about the countries and people that became involved in this important world altering episode in history.

Read It & Rate It!

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You have probably noticed the displays filled with “Staff Picks” at the Delaware County District Library. Staff members regularly add their favorite books to these displays and Library customers have made them very popular—so popular, in fact, that it gave us an idea. How about letting customers tell us what their favorite books are?

Anna Quindlen's "Every Last One"

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Anna Quindlen’s book Every Last One is a novel dealing with friendship and family, mixed in with tragedy and loss. While the group entertained a lively debate about the general opinion of the book, all (at least those who finished it) agreed that the topic was as riveting as it was timely. Quindlen has a wonderful grasp of language and definitely captures the inner-workings of human emotion in her work. The group gave this book an overall grade of 3.15 out of 5.

Upcoming Teen Programs

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I often share information about programs for children and adults, but did you know the Delaware County District Library has energetic and imaginative programs for teens, too? Public libraries should serve all residents of the community, and while teens are often overlooked as a population, at DCDL, we celebrate teens and recognize they are important members of the community with diverse interests.

Can You Help with Homework Help?

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This fall, three of our Delaware County District Library locations kicked off the back-to-school season with Homework Help Centers (HHC). The Orange, Ostrander and Delaware Main branches all host weekly afternoons and evenings for local students to come and receive help on their homework or reading skills. The Orange Branch Library HHC has become so popular that we are now in need of additional volunteers to help us keep up with the demand! If you are an adult who enjoys working with kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade, we need your help.