DCDL: Breaking Librarian Stereotypes Pt. 2

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Last week, I listed 3 roles you may not be aware the librarians at Delaware County District Library play. Here are two more hats librarians wear that may surprise you:

4.       Librarians are event planners. Delaware Library has hundreds of events and programs every year, and our talented librarians plan the activities, the topic, the refreshments… everything. Most of the decorations are probably also made by the staff and, sometimes, the librarian is also the presenter.

For Book Lovers Only Is Big Help For Avid Readers

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If you aren’t a member of the Delaware County District Library’s For Book Lovers Only Club, you’re missing out on a neat and time-saving service that more than 400 other library cardholders are enjoying.  We know how busy your lives are, and the For Book Lovers Only Club can add time to your busy schedule by letting Library staff put holds on books you want to read, even before they arrive at the Library.

Volunteer With DCDL

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 The reference staff at the Delaware County District Library are some of the most intelligent, skilled and effective librarians I know, and they will, to a person, work diligently to answer your questions, find you the perfect book to read or movie to watch, or fulfill any of your information needs.  However, the reference librarians are busy doing just that, and they don’t have time to provide homework help to students who need it.  They can fin

Local Artist Displays Work At The Ostrander Branch Library

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Nine works of art created by local artist, Gena Wiley, will grace the walls of the Ostrander Branch Library through March. Wiley’s pieces range from brilliantly colored acrylic paintings to imaginatively meshed collages using old book pages and illustrations. This eclectic mix will certainly help drive away the midwinter blues!

Start A New Year With A New Book

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   It’s a brand new year, and the Board and Staff of the Delaware County District Library wish you nothing but good luck and happiness in 2015.  I certainly hope you have put visiting the Library regularly on your resolutions list.  When you visit the Library, you will find so much more than books and DVD’s for you and your entire family.  For a current list of programs for all ages, pick up a copy of “Check It Out!,” the Library’s quarterly news