How to Save Your Reading History

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Patrons often ask Delaware County District Library staff if we have a list of the books they have read. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, the Library’s computer system does not keep a permanent record of the items you check out. But, the computer system offers YOU a way of keeping track of the Library items you’ve read, listened too, or watched, and it’s easy to set it up in your account.

Got Magazines?

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Are you a magazine reader? Recent research by Statisca notes the average cost of a yearly magazine subscription is about $29.85. If you subscribe to three magazines, you can save $89.55 per year by checking them out from the Delaware County District Library!

Libraries Are As Relevant As Ever

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In a recent blog post, a librarian from NYC’s public library was asked about the relevance of libraries. I have often been asked the same question: “Are libraries threatened by the internet?” I would echo the comments made on the blog.

I don’t think the Delaware County District Library is threatened at all by the internet. Circulation of physical books continues to be high, but I would argue that while books are certainly our brand, the Delaware Library is also in the information sharing business.

New Books for March

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I am often asked about digital privacy at the Delaware County District Library, especially in terms of how we protect the personal information of our cardholders, including what they read, watch, or even search on the Internet. By default, our library catalog software does not store reading history. Once someone returns an item they have checked out, the system removes the item. The Library will will not disclose this information unless it is subpoenaed by a court of law.