Glad You Asked

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In an article written by Wayne Wiegand, author of Part of Our Lives: A People's History of the American Public Library, research in the fast-developing field of social neuroscience shows that “substantial benefits accrue to those who experience high levels of face-to-face contact, including improved vocabularies, an increased ability to empathize, a deeper sense of belonging, and—most important--a longer lifespan.” Fiction “is a particularly useful simulation because negotiating the social world effectively is extremely tricky, requiring us to weigh up myriad interacting instances

New Board Games at DCDL

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Back in February we launched our new circulating board game collection here at DCDL. Over the past few months, you’ve helped make this one of our most popular collections here with a stunning 226 checkouts and renewals on our 22 games. Thank you for being awesome and getting together to play games with your friends and family. A couple months ago, we even had to add a couple spare copies of some of our most popular games just to keep up with demand.

Keep Connected to DCDL

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I hope you’re enjoying reading this column in the Delaware Gazette. I have been contributing it since 1988, and it is still fun for me to write it. Over those last 27 years, significant changes have occurred in the way the Delaware County District Library communicates with you.

Last Two Weeks of SRC Programs

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The exciting programs linked to Delaware County District Library’s Summer Reading Program continue to fill our event calendar, and next week has some really fantastic programs for you and your children. The summer reading program, themed “Every Hero Has a Story” will end on July 25th, so you won’t want to miss these presentations next week.

Ostrander Library Closed 7/14

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UPDATE: The Ostrander Branch Library is open today (Wednesday, July 15), but is experiencing a loss in Internet connection. The branch is still able to help with your regular Library needs, but the public computers are unable to connect to the Internet. 


The Ostrander Branch Library has been closed for the remainder of the day, Tuesday, July 14, due to a loss in power. The Scioto Township History 101 program scheduled for tonight has also been canceled due to the power loss and inclement weather. 

We plan to re-open the branch tomorrow at its regular hours. 

Ostrander Adult Book Discussion Loves Latest Read

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All who attended the Ostrander Branch Library’s June book group fully enjoyed reading & discussing Fannie Flagg’s The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion. Flagg’s humorous writing style blends well with the sharing of the history of the women pilots (WASPS) who flew for the armed forces during World War II. The group gave the book a score of 4.8 out of 5.