Central Ohio Symphony Celebrates Drumming

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Executive Director of The Central Ohio Symphony, Warren Hyer, and musician Katie Thompson recently presented a lively and upbeat program entitled Recreational Drumming at the Ostrander Branch. An excited group of children of all ages were given the opportunity to play drums from all around the world. Hyer and Thompson demonstrated drumming techniques and then encouraged the children to make up their own rhythm. It was music to everyone’s ears!

Turtle Lady popular at the Ostrander Branch Library

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The Turtle Lady and her reptile friends captivated the children during her family program last Thursday night at the Ostrander Branch. Everyone who attended learned more about turtles, enjoyed some “turtle” jokes and had fun getting to see these fascinating creatures up close and personal. If you missed the program do not worry, as she will be at the Powell Branch Library on July 2 and July 6 and at the Orange Branch Library on July 7.


Woodland Elves Author Visit

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The wonder of the outdoors is all around us.  You never know what or who you will find.  You may see a chipmunk, a deer or maybe even an elf.  The children of Ostrander Branch Library’s book bunch had a visit from Shary Williamson, author of the book The Woodland Elves. Williamson read from her book, brought in an elf house and shared all that went into writing and making her book. She also brought a craft project for the kids.  They decorated an elf welcome sign for their yard.  It was a magi

Ostrander Branch Library's Medieval Faire

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Ostrander Branch Library’s Medieval Faire was our first family “knight” of summer.  Crafts, snacks, games, music and jousting games with real horses were all part of the fun.  The jousting troupe, The Knights of the Rose, performed the jousting games including ring jousting, hitting the quintain and a sword fight. Afterward all were invited to pet the war horses.

Powell Superhero Training Camp

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Monday night at the Powell Branch Library, kids discovered their super skills when they participated in our superhero training camp. Kids were challenged to create their own superhero costumes complete with cape, mask, and arm bands.
As they completed the variety of obstacles and tasks we threw at them, including facing off against The Swamp Spectre with silly string, the kids' strength, agility, balance, precision, and endurance were tested.