Fairy Garden Fun

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This Labor Day weekend, families joined us for beautiful weather outside the library to make their very own fairy gardens! Kids got creative constructing and designing their gardens along with the help of family and friends. Check out some of their amazing designs in the pictures below! If you want to try out making your own fairy garden, check out one of our great books below!

Summer Storytime Break

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It's been a full eight weeks of "Ready. Set. Read!" at the Delaware County District Library. We hope you enjoyed yourself as you experienced all the elements of Summer Reading Club. Whether you got to pet a shark, learned how to jump and roll with Parkour, or read your way through all the Harry Potter stories, you made great memories this summer! 

Find Pokémon at DCDL

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We are certainly living in a mobile world. If you haven’t heard lately, something phenomenal happened in America on July 6 called Pokémon GO. The mobile app uses location-based augmented reality technology. It encourages users to interact with the world around them through the eyes of their mobile devices as they try to catch and collect Pokémon species and other necessary Pokémon-catching tools.