T'was a Grand Olde Time at the Medieval Faire

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The 4th Annual Ostrander Branch’s Medieval Faire was even bigger and better than ever this year! The Knights of the Rose Jousting Troupe presented two outstanding performances sharing with one and all a variety of jousting games. The horses were gorgeous and the riders were skilled providing for a great series of contests that were both informative and entertaining. 

Summer Programs & Events

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Last summer more than 6,500 readers read over 33,000 hours. Let’s try and beat that in 2017! This summer, we’re trying to build a better world by using reading to build our dreams. It’s reflected in our summer reading theme: "Dream It. Read It. Build It." From May 25 to August 4 every DCDL location will be ready with prizes for hitting your 6 and 12 hour bench marks. The branches will be hosting weekly programs to grow your brain, too.

DCDL Adds Role Playing Games to the Collection

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Starting today, DCDL is expanding our board game collection to include role playing game books. These are the pen and paper variety, and cover a wide variety of genres and themes from running a colony on Mars, to time travel, to anime style exploration. We've had some Dungeons and Dragons books in the larger collection already, but we're adding 13 more books to the collection. These are found with the board games at the Delaware Branch, but holds can be placed on them to go to any of our other branches for pick up there.