COSI Visits Powell Branch Library

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Monday night at the Powell Branch, we hosted a Beginner Robotics program with COSI where kids ages 6-10 were able to build and program a functional robot using LEGOs. Before they began building, the COSI team members discussed robots and performed a live demo where kids learned some basics of programming. Then the kids were given kits with all of the pieces they needed to build a drumming monkey robot.

Epic Stop Motion Animation

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This past month at the Powell Branch Library we made some more awesome, epic stop motion videos! Kids ages 6-8 came up with stories for their videos and worked together using the techniques of stop motion animation to take a series of pictures using their LEGO pieces.

These pictures all came together to create some pretty amazing videos!

Check out their hard work in the video below.

Book Bunch Learns About Dog Care And Safety

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Ostrander Branch Library’s Book Bunch had a doggone great time.  Powell Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came and taught about dog care and safety.  They brought three adorable dogs that the kids were able to pet and play with.  We learned what to do when encountering a strange dog, how we should treat and care for our own dogs and had lots of questions answered about all things doggy.