T'was a Grand Olde Time at the Medieval Faire

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The 4th Annual Ostrander Branch’s Medieval Faire was even bigger and better than ever this year! The Knights of the Rose Jousting Troupe presented two outstanding performances sharing with one and all a variety of jousting games. The horses were gorgeous and the riders were skilled providing for a great series of contests that were both informative and entertaining. 

Summer Programs & Events

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Last summer more than 6,500 readers read over 33,000 hours. Let’s try and beat that in 2017! This summer, we’re trying to build a better world by using reading to build our dreams. It’s reflected in our summer reading theme: "Dream It. Read It. Build It." From May 25 to August 4 every DCDL location will be ready with prizes for hitting your 6 and 12 hour bench marks. The branches will be hosting weekly programs to grow your brain, too.

Dino Terrariums Were Prehistoric Fun!

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Last week at the Powell Branch, kids joined us for a special intro to terrariums featuring everyone's favorite prehistoric beasts--dinosaurs!! Participants gathered soil, rocks, moss, and mini plants as well as some mini dinosaur figurines to create their own dinosaur habitats. At the end of the program, everyone joined together to make a community dinosaur environment to display in the library! Check out our pictures and maybe try one at home!

Teen Talk & Create Kicks Off At Powell

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Teens met after-hours at the Powell Branch on Friday to discuss Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal. Our discussion questions explored the many facets and conflicts of this strong heroine including her multiple identities, relationships with her family and friends, and her new found powers. While discussing the book, teens created their own artistic interpretations of the graphic novel on canvas using paints, stencils, and comic book pages.

Teen Tech Week

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Teen Tech Week™ is March 6-10 at all locations of the Delaware County District Library! Join us at DCDL as we join thousands of other libraries and schools across the country to celebrate technology in all its forms and fashions.

Check out the list of amazing programs coming to a branch near you. Click on the link to read more or register your spot. 

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