Find Pokémon at DCDL

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We are certainly living in a mobile world. If you haven’t heard lately, something phenomenal happened in America on July 6 called Pokémon GO. The mobile app uses location-based augmented reality technology. It encourages users to interact with the world around them through the eyes of their mobile devices as they try to catch and collect Pokémon species and other necessary Pokémon-catching tools.

Resources to Recognize Suicide Risk

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How to Recognize When a Loved One Is Suicidal

Acknowledging the warning signs of suicidal thoughts is both upsetting and frightening. You may not know where to begin or how you can help. However, the first step to preventing the suicide of a loved one is recognizing the warning signs so that action can be taken. Here are a few of the most common warning signs.

Giving Away Possessions

Tweens Stretch It Out With Yoga At Powell

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This past weekend, tweens gathered for a special yoga workshop led by Miss Kate from Upward Dogs Yoga in Powell. Our group of tweens learned some new yoga terminology and got to try out a variety of poses together with the instructor. They even got the chance to work on some partnering movement. If you are interested in trying out yoga at your local library, check our upcoming calendars for more yoga workshops like this!