New Board Games at DCDL

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Back in February we launched our new circulating board game collection here at DCDL. Over the past few months, you’ve helped make this one of our most popular collections here with a stunning 226 checkouts and renewals on our 22 games. Thank you for being awesome and getting together to play games with your friends and family. A couple months ago, we even had to add a couple spare copies of some of our most popular games just to keep up with demand.

Ostrander Library Closed 7/14

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UPDATE: The Ostrander Branch Library is open today (Wednesday, July 15), but is experiencing a loss in Internet connection. The branch is still able to help with your regular Library needs, but the public computers are unable to connect to the Internet. 


The Ostrander Branch Library has been closed for the remainder of the day, Tuesday, July 14, due to a loss in power. The Scioto Township History 101 program scheduled for tonight has also been canceled due to the power loss and inclement weather. 

We plan to re-open the branch tomorrow at its regular hours. 

Gaming Standings Update

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Current Teen Gaming standings are in!

Sonicboom358 – 1750
Brookobr2 - 1200             
Blitzkreig – 1150
Gerd – 850
Katan - 800
Cmward2001 - 700
Oliver18 - 700
Alex030203 - 600
Stack o’ Diamonds – 550
Meeeee!!!!1! – 450
Pink Fluffy Unicorns - 400
Deathonall452 – 350
Nope – 350
Legend – 200    
Pallax – 50
Mynttie – 50
Sissy – 50
Skullcrusher – 50             
Darkkdeathh – 50
Knapier15 – 50
Brokensoul971 – 50
Grifyndoor - 50

Teen Programs This Week

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We usually think of the Delaware County District Library’s summer reading program in terms of young children, but did you know we have some great, fun programs just for teens? Teen Librarians Mandy Henning and Becky Woodruff have developed entertaining but educationally sound (just between us!) programs, guaranteed to be enjoyed by Delaware’s teens.

Teen Gaming Standings: Week 1

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Week 1 of the Teen Gaming Tournament got off to an awesome start. Sonicboom358 pulled to the front of the pack with a big win. It's a close tournament already, and there's plenty of time for things to change. Come back next week and see who takes the lead!

Sonicboom358 – 500
Blitzkreig – 400
Nope – 300 
Legend – 200 
Gerd – 100
Pallax – 50
Mynttie – 50
Sissy – 50
Skullcrusher – 50
Darkkdeathh - 50