Challenge Island: Roller Coaster Ridge

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Ages 6 - 11

Are you ready to have fun while learning about momentum, friction, kinetic and potential energy? Then join us for Challenge Island's Roller Coaster Ridge! You and a tribe of friends will work together to build a roller coaster out of every day objects like foam piping, duct tape, and marbles! You'll be challenged to include all the exhilarating elements like the hill, a curve, and a LOOP-DE-LOOP! You don't want to miss this fun, engineering adventure.
*Pre-Registration is Required. You can sign up below or by calling the branch at 614-888-9160.

The Shazzbots

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Family Program       
Rocking and rocketing through the space-ways in their interstellar winnebago, The Shazzbots are bringing cool quirky kids rock music to all the children of the cosmos! Join the crew as they jet from planet to planet and gig to gig laughing, learning, writing songs and getting into all kinds of shenanigans...All the while teaching the kids they encounter about the joys and excitement of music and art of all kinds. A little bit of learning and a whole lot of fun...