Ostrander Branch

Super-Duper Magic Show

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a…hedgehog?!? That’s right! A super hedgehog! Grab your superhero cape and show off your muscles for this fast-paced comedy magic show featuring Sedgewick, a real live hedgehog! Erica and the kids will perform some magic while laughing and saving the world as they try to find “Sedgie the Hedgie.”

The Turtle Lady

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Laugh and learn with the Turtle Lady (Nancy Lockard) as she shares her passion for turtles. Participants will get plenty of touching time with more than 20 turtles, some bearded dragons, corn snakes and an amphibian or two. Always one of our most popular programs.

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

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Always one of our most popular programs. Zoo staff members will bring about 6 creatures (animals, reptiles or birds). Children will be able to touch some of the animals at the end of the program. Some of the animals we've had in the past include: an armadillo, a flamingo, a dingo, a baby wallaby, a baby snow leopard, a civet cat, an alligator, a legless lizard, a sloth and an owl. (We never know what they'll bring until they get here.)